Happy two month for my lovely Dudu ??? ❤️
in this day want remind and sharing my pregnancy and labor time
Before that thank you to Hypnobirthing-The Conny Method team especially Ce Conny, Ko Agus (the founder of TCM), and my dear Ellida ❤️

– its start with my fear to give birth, as i believe i will giving birth one day
– so i decided to take the hypnobirthing practioner class on April 2016 before married on June 2016
– after 2weeks (6days class) finally graduate and start change my mind that giving birth is an easy job for every woman who want it to be easy
– Feb2017 check up and confirm pregnant
– Feel wow and unbelievable that this experience will really come to me
– Since it be real and i really don’t want to feel any pain or trauma, after make up my mind go back to myself to start practice TCM
– Ellida with long distance guidance help me to recording all the relaxation script which I can practice it anytime I want(powerful part)
– Yes and can say I have very smooth pregnant time although everyday long journey going to work, less sleep/rest time(because return singapore-jb), even never understand what is morning sickness(make me curious now) ?
– thank you my dudu father to accompany and learn tcm together because father have big role in this process(another powerful part)
– 38 week start to take leave and countdown
– 39 week still no pain no feel, just feel something pushing(wondering because i was waiting the “pain” feeling)
– 2.30am drove to hospital
– 3am charged to the ward
– 3.15am my dudu come to our world

its fast, easy, no pain, no trauma and not much interfere from medical team as per my initial wish
In this 2month day wish my Xixi healthy
mommy will keep try hard to supply healthy powerful breastmilk ❤️
#15min fast labor
#hope every woman and newborn have peaceful and happy labor experience
#will happy to share whoever curious about TCM